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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Directory is a location-based app where you can share your location with anybody without revealing your personal details. You can search and locate all your needs.This location based app will auto detect users position and displays the closest search results around the current location.You can also search for specific business nearby your location, and contact them. The app also helps you with directions to your destinations.

GPS ID is a Personal location short-code. It is a six digit identifier like X5MUMJ for physical locations.

It can be shared with people you know, can be used by merchants, friends and individuals to reach you without explaining an address

b) TAKE A PICTURE (location place)

You can share through mail, message, or share it through social medias.

GPS ID generated automatically while creating, will be set of random alphanumeric characters. Fancy ID can be chosen by the users as per their ease of remembrance / Brand fame.

Any individual can promote their Unique Talent using Self display video upload which will be visible to public for view

SOS is an international Morse code signal of extreme distress. GPS app acts as a medium to share your location and track you during any kind of emergencies.

This is a GPS based safety feature that sends SOS messages during emergencies to 3 mobile numbers you have previously chosen and also it sends the emergency alert to the nearby GPS Directory APP Users. SOS feature helps them reach you for help with live GPS Tracking.

Yes, Absolutely free. GPS Id can be created, and shared for free.

No, GPS can be created and shared anywhere.

My favorites use to save whats your important and often used details and it provides you easy access from GPS app. Its available in home page.

Yes, the same location can have multiple GPS ID, provided the ID is created for multiple firms located in the same Venue.

Yes the code itself is exclusive but a GPS once created can be shared, and saved by anyone you wish to share it with.

You can currently search for a location using a GPS ID on our website.

YGPS helps you save, and share any location. A few areas are Emergencies, social meet ups, food delivery, etc. Every time someone asks you for an address ask them to take a GPS and you should soon enough only be using GPS codes and not your full address.

You can search on location basis, on category basis, on sub category basis, on keyword basis, on name basis and on ID basis. You can also use the Mic feature to search.

You can create any number of Firm / Individual GPS IDs for free.